We consider underpasses all the works that allow the crossing of existing roads or railways. The construction of underpasses usually causes the suspension of the traffic or the interruption of the railway viability, for a part or the whole duration of the works,giving rise to considerable indirect costs (interruption of the service, track deviation, ecc.).

Over the years, several technologies have been studied in different parts of the world in order to solve such problems, but without reaching a definitive solution. After 15 years of research and constant refinements, I.CO.P. has reached a final resolution through a patented system called One night solution.

This patented new technology, applicable to road underpasses but especially designed for those of the railways, is performed in three phases:
1) construction of the supports and prefabrication of the deck;
2) construction of lateral diaphragm walls;
3) one night deck launch and subsequent completion of the work without traffic interruptions.