General contractor

1210 – Pianzano (Treviso – Italy)

Extension of the highway A28 from Pordenone to Conegliano. By-pass of the B-road 41 in Pianzano.

Autovie Venete S.p.A.

Period of Execution:
February 2009 - September 2010

Works Amount:
€ 10.842.619,00 (quota I.CO.P.: 49%)


The project mainly consisted in the execution of the final section of the extension of the highway A28 from Pordenone to Conegliano – lots 28 and 29 between Sacile Ovest and Conegliano. On the whole, the new section extends for 3.550 m. The “variante della S.P. n° 41 (i.e. bypass of the B-road 41)” was executed following the model of the typical roadbed of secondary extra-urban roads, as per category C2 of the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 05.11.2001, i.e. one single lane with width of 3,50 m in both directions and shoulders of 1,25 m each, for a total paved width of 9,50 m.