General contractor

9991 – Bridge over the Torre river – Chiopris-Viscone (Udine – Italy)

Executive design and execution of the works for the realization of the fast road connection between the A4 motorway (Palmanova tollgate) and the district known as “Triangle of the chair” in the Municipality of Manzano - 1st lot - extract: Provincial Road no. 50 - bridge over the Torre river.

Deputy commissioner for the mobility emergency concerning the A4 (Venice - Trieste section) and the Villesse - Gorizia - Trieste connector

Period of Execution:
August 2017 - in progress

Works Amount:
€ 17.529.660,00


Enlargement of the Provincial Road no. 50 and construction of a service link road to the adjacent Industrial Zone of Nogaredo al Torre, in addition to the main road network; replacement of the existing bridge over the Torre river with a new wider bridge, with bicycle lane; construction of roundabouts connecting to the existing road network. The bridge is a continuous, 665 m long viaduct consisting of 12 spans of 47,5 m, two spans of 32,50 m, and a 30 m span adjacent to the East abutment. The deck is a metal box housing a roadway having a total width of 10,5 m; a sidewalk and a bicycle lane are envisaged at the sides of the roadway, for an overall deck width of 15,8 m.