Maritime works

1392 – Frederikssund Link (Denmark)

Roskilde Fjord: Construction of a new 1,4 km bridge over the Roskilde fjord between Marbæk and Tørslev Hage, as part of the Frederikssund Link project. I.CO.P. executed foundation piles, onshore and offshore. ND1800 - ND2000 mm.

RBAI IV I/S (Rizzani de Eccher S.p.A., NV Besix SA e Acciona Infraestructuras SA)

Period of Execution:
August 2017 - June 2018

Works Amount:
€ 3.195.295,00


Installation of onshore piles (diameter 2.000, maximum depth 55 meters) by means of an oscillator due to the type of soil and depth to be reached. Installation of offshore piles. The template was positioned with a precision of +/- 5 cm and the final plates were inserted with a deviation from the project of +/- 5 cm and maximum vertical deviation of 1%.