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1410 – Koge

Construction of CFA piles at Koge Hospital, DN600 and DN 1000 mm

Koge Hospital Project Team JV

Period of Execution:
May-august 2019 and july – august 2023

Works Amount:
€ 650.000


Construction of CFA piles for the Køge University Hospital project.
The piles were made in two different periods: May-August 2019 and JulyAugust 2023.
The total amount is approximately 650,000 euros.
CFA piles with a diameter of 640 mm and a diameter of 1000 mm were made for an average depth of about 17-18 meters in fractured limestone type soil for a total length of about 8700 m of piles made.
The CFA technique was chosen because of the proximity to the Hospital.
This technique ensures no vibration and limited noise.