Agreement between Arvedi and PLT-ICOP on the grounds of the Ferriera in Trieste

The 20 million euros operation will allow PLT to be active in the Servola area, creating the conditions for building the railway terminal serving the future Pier VIII, transforming the Ironworks area into a zone serving port activities. The Acciaieria Arvedi will instead have the task of dismantling the plants. The agreement was reached thanks to the mediation of the Minister of Economic Development Patuanelli and the President of the Port Authority D’Agostino. The letter of intent, already signed, will see its formalization by mid-March.  

In France the works about the Grand Paris Express Project continue

The works on the construction of the Lot T2B for the new Line 15 south of the Paris Metro continue. The tunnels interchange shaft called "Salengro" (1001P), which will guarantee the interchange between the Line 15 south (red) and the Line 15 east (orange), is now in its third and final phase with reference to the realization of the retaining structures. The diaphragm walls, made with grab and trench cutter by our teams, have a thickness of 1500 mm and depth of up to 65m from the ground floor, for unitary concrete castings up to almost 700 m3. The works are carried out by I.CO.P. together with Eiffage Fondations for Eiffage Genie Civil and Razel-Bec, Project Manager Systra and Client Societé du Grand Paris.  

Göteborg (Sweden): I.CO.P. S.P.A. is going to operate at Haga Station soon

As seen from the image I.CO.P. S.p.A. is also working in Sweden. The company is going to operate at Haga station for the realization of Rosenlund channel underground construction works through the execution of concrete diaphragm walls with grab.


As it can be seen from the image, the works of the Logistics Platform in Trieste have exceeded 90% of the total. It can be said that the final stages are now reached. The end of the works is scheduled for next spring 2020.

SME100 Awards 2019 – Malaysia’s Fast Moving Companies

Icop Construction Sdn Bhd has been selected as a winner of the SME100 Awards 2019 - Malaysia's Fast Moving Companies. It is the premier regional awards for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The Awards identify and recognise SMEs based on a basket of quantitative and qualitative criteria with a focus on growth (turnover, profit and market share) and resilience (best practices, sustainability and vision). SME100 Awards is an Annual Recognition programme organised by SME Magazine, naming the fastest moving businesses of the SME sector. It is about promoting the recognition of top businesses in a lucrative and dynamic market. The SME100 Awards since its establishment has served as pinnacle of trust and benchmark of reliability among business owners. Be it business ventures, investors, or clients foreign and domestic alike, the SME100 Awards has become the beacon of attention on all platforms. Available to both Malaysia and Singapore, the SME Magazine has managed to uphold prestige for the dynamic market of SMEs through the SME100 Awards. Awardees are also featured in a Special Edition of the SME magazine and other supporting publications. They also participate in other programmes under the SME100 Framework. SME100 Awards is the highest accolade for an SME to aspire for!

The contract with ANAS for the completion of Lot B5 of the North-South itinerary in Sicily has been signed

The temporary busines association I.CO.P. Spa - De Santis Construction was awarded the integrated contract for lot B5 of the North-South itinerary, from Santo Stefano di Camastra to Gela in Sicily, for an amount of 120 million euros. The total duration of the works is 1215 days, including the time necessary for the preparation of the executive project. ANAS announces that the tender was carried out according to the criterion of the most economically advantageous offer on the basis of the best quality/price ratio, assigning a maximum of 30 points to the price component and up to 70 points for the qualitative component, analyzing the technical value and the environmental characteristics of the proposed offer, as well as the organization of the construction site and work phases.

Petrucco, FIEC vice president, illustrates the sustainable approach of the construction world

The joint owner of I.CO.P. Piero Petrucco, since last November also vice-president of the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) with the powers of competitiveness and sustainability, illustrates the different ways in which the world of construction can adopt a sustainable approach; convinced that the Green Deal wanted by the President of the European Commission can help not only the environment but also the growth of the building sector. A first aspect is that of energy requalification, which can lead to great results in the reduction of CO2 emissions. A second aspect is linked to the way of building and the machinery that is used: to be competitive and to attract international investors towards the financing of large construction works, it is necessary to have a sustainable approach. A final aspect considers the reuse and recycling of building materials. The great problem of land consumption must also be addressed: the reuse of abandoned areas for new constructions should be encouraged as much as possible, aiming to demolish buildings without historical-architectural value, to reclaim the area and replace them with urban parks, woods or meadows that return space to nature with a positive impact both on the environment and on soil consumption.

I.CO.P. celebrated 100 years of history and innovation

Last December 2019 at the I.CO.P. headquarters in Basiliano many entrepreneurs and institutions participated in the company's centenary celebration. The prestigious goal was honored by the participation of numerous representatives of the industrial and non-industrial world, such as the president of Confindustria Anna Mareschi Danieli, the deputy Debora Serracchiani, the regional councilors Sergio Bolzonello and Francesco Russo, mayors and administrators, as well as the national president of the ANCE Gabriele Buia and the ex rector of the University of Udine Alberto Felice De Toni. On stage, the protagonists of the I.CO.P. appealed: from the engineer Paolo Petrucco (89 years) with his wife Lina, to their children Piero and Vittorio. Today I.CO.P., which has resisted the construction crisis, is a giant that bills 130 million euros and has almost 400 employees. There are also numerous construction sites that have seen I.CO.P. employees active all over the world: from Europe to Africa, to America, to South East Asia. Piero and Vittorio also proved pleased and enthusiastic about the future, leveraging the characteristics that have always distinguished the company: familiarity, cohesion and maximum technical attention to the work. In the future they would like to consolidate what they are already doing and continue to work in the Region and in Italy, as well as in the main European countries such as France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Responding to the keywords of innovation, digitalization and investments.

I.CO.P. celebrates one hundred years of activity

Saturday, the 21st December, at the headquarters of Basiliano, there will be a celebration for the Company's one hundred years of activity. "It is a great achievement - said the engineer Piero Petrucco, CEO of the company - that we would like to celebrate and share to remember the long history of men, vehicles, machines, ideas and innovations, to trace the directives for the near future and to meet all together precisely in this moment in which the company, like never before in its history, has so many offices and staff operating worldwide".

5th Edition of Mediterranean Dialogues – Rome 2019

On the last 5th December at the MED Dialogues at the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome, infrastructure was discussed as a tool for economic integration in the Mediterranean. In a fast-changing environment where global trade dynamics are shaping new relations among States, the Mediterranean area is regaining a central role. A comprehensive plan to build new infrastructures is crucial to unleash the region’s growth potential but it requires more cooperation between public and private actors and the involvement of the multilateral development and investment banks. The challenge for the region is to make investments in infrastructures an enabler for a more sustained and sustainable economic growth, giving higher attention to their social and environmental impact.

  • What are the main gaps in infrastructure investments in the Mediterranean?
  • How can investments in infrastructure foster sustainable growth?
  • How can sustainability become the new driver of cooperation in the Mediterranean?
Piero Petrucco, Vice President and Managing Director of I.CO.P. S.p.A. and Vice President of the Italian Contractors’ Association, participated in the event promoted by the ISPI and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.