Jet and rock grouting works completed in Copenhagen stations

I.CO.P. S.p.A., through its subsidiary I.CO.P. Denmark, has completed the jet grouting and rock grouting works in three metro stations in Copenhagen (Mozarts Plads, Gåsebæk e Ny Ellebjerg) for TUNNEL3L (JV  VINCI and HOCHTIEF).

The works started in May 2020 at the Mozarts Plads station: execution of jet-grouting and rock-grouting column treatments have been carried out on both tracks, in order to prepare the TBM break-in.

In fact, during the break-in phase, the TBM will enter the station after having crossed the ground along the route designed from the starting station. Being the designed tunnel route below a water table, it has been necessary to perform treatment works of the area corresponding to the entrance of the TBM.

The treatment therefore consisted in waterproofing (for the Mozarts Plads) and consolidating the ground (for all three stations) at the front of the station (TBM entrance area) by means of columnar jet and rock grouting treatments, in order to avoid any risk of tunnel arch collapse and water inflow.

The works ended last week with the completion of the planned activities at the Ny Ellebjerg station.

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