Piattaforma Logistica di Trieste: negotiations concluded

HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG will invest in PLT (Piattaforma Logistica di Trieste), joining the international shipping company Francesco Parisi Casa di Spedizioni S.p.A., the construction company ICOP S.p.A. and the Interporto Bologna SpA.

The multi-function logistics platform of the Port of Trieste will further expand through the construction of Pier VIII (Molo VIII). Thanks to an investment of 400 million euros and over 500 workers, this new container terminal will represent the most important job opportunity in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

Pier VIII is one of the key works that will ensure continuity and growth to the port of Trieste, which is the first Italian port and fourteenth European port by tonnes handled.

Vittorio Petrucco, president of I.CO.P., considers “the agreement with HHLA as the final goal of a long selection for choosing the best strategic partner for the development of the logistic platform and the entire port basin. It’s a European partnership that ideally ties together Hamburg and Trieste, two major ports of northern and southern Europe, and which could be another opportunity of development for our city”.

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