Works on Line 16 – Lot 2 (Grand Paris Express) continues

For the Line 16 – Lot 2, Greater Paris project in Sévran (France), at OA401 shaft, IN/OUT TMB treatments has been completed.

As per the small spaces available at the construction site and the short execution delay, ICOP needed to put in place specific solutions in order to perform its tasks.

Two high efficiency jet-grouting groups and grouting groups were installed, using one long mast drilling rig for deep vertical drills and one drilling rig with carrousel for inclined drills. In order to reduce the environmental impact and the volume of spoil produced during the execution phase, one spoil treatment system was installed.

The works –  realized under sanitary protocols against COVID-19 –  were carried out by ICOP in full cooperation with the main contractor JV WEBUILD NGE-BTP, under supervision of EGIS TRACTEBEL and owner Société du Grand Paris.

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