Piling, anchoring and diaphragm walls with trench cutter: I.CO.P. at work in Montecarlo

In one of the smallest country of the world, the Principality of Monaco, the works for the construction of the important real estate operation called “Ilot Pasteur” are ongoing, with special foundations works executed by I.CO.P. in joint venture with SOGEFON and FONDAMENTA.

For the execution of the project, piling, anchoring and diaphragm walls with trench cutter are needed. I.CO.P. installed on the jobsite a special compact trench cutter, in order to realize diaphragm walls in low headroom configuration. Thanks to the capability to turn the cutter upto 90°, it is possible to set-up the machine ready to excavate in small spaces.

The new machine BAUER CBC 30 Low Headroom Silent Cutter has been designed for executing diaphragm walls in small spaces and in low headroom conditions (5000/6000 mm). The new power pack ensures low noise emissions and thanks to a special catalytic trap, polluting fine particles emissions are reduced too.

So, it is the perfect trench cutter for the execution of diaphragm walls in dense urbanized areas or under low headroom conditions, still excelling with performances, as it can be seen from the high production rates verified in the difficult ground conditions of Monaco.

The works are executed for Fayat Monaco, under the supervision of Artelia Monaco and Socotec.

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