Foundations and special underground works

1423 – 401P Line 16 Lot 2 (France)

Execution of soil treatment works: treatment and waterproofing injections, jet-grouting.

Société du Grand Paris

NGE GC – Salini Impregilo

Period of Execution:
December 2019 – in progress

Works Amount:
€ 4.800.000


As part of the works for the realization of Lot 2 of the contract for the realization of the new line 16 of the Paris metro network, the accessory work OA 401P plays the role of relief and ventilation shaft. The purpose of the work is the treatment of soil at TMB 7, which will cross the work during the construction of the tunnel, launch/exit shafts. Taking into account the soil involved, treatment and waterproofing injections and bi-fluid jet-grouting have been executed. The treatment reaches a maximum depth of 35 m and involves a total volume of 5.600 m3.