Microtunnelling and direct pipe

1409 – Altamira and Tamiahua (Mexico)

Grouting of the ND2600/3200 microtunnel in Altamira after pipe bundle pull-in, including execution of the offshore plug and grouting of the ND56 casing pipe after pull-in of the 42” carrier pipeline in Tamiahua.


G.D.I. Sicim pipeline SA de CV

Period of Execution:
June 2019 - July 2019

Works Amount:
€ 2.000.000,00


The Sur de Texas – Tuxpan Pipeline Project is an offshore/onshore natural gas transport system from an interconnection point with the Nueces – Brownsville pipeline near Texas, USA, to delivery locations near Altamira, Tamaulipas (“Altamira”), and Tuxpan, Veracruz (“Tuxpan”) on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The offshore section is the longest part of the project with ~690 km (~90% of the total length) of pipeline laid on the seabed. The remaining part has been executed onshore with a total length of ~80 km.
Beside the landfall, which has been executed using trenchless drilling technologies, additional HDD crossings have been performed onshore. In fact, one of the key goals of the project is to minimize impact on environmentally sensitive areas like mangroves and coral reefs.