Microtunnelling and direct pipe

Malalbergo (Bologna)

Natural gas pipeline Minerbio-Poggio Renatico ND1200 (48’’) and related works.

Snam Rete Gas

Period of Execution:
June 2015 - January 2016

Works Amount:
€ 2.151.000,00


Execution of 3 crossings with the Direct Pipe technique within the Minerbio-Poggio Renatico pipeline section; in particular, the works concern the crossing of the Reno River, the Savena Canal and of a wetland nature reserve near the Pegola Canal, in the provinces of Bologna and Ferrara. The experience with the Direct Pipe technique in previous works was decisive for its choice in this project, where the Contractor also requested to reduce the laying times.
The overall length was approximately 1.400 m in loamy clay soils alternating with areas of incoherent granular soils, with variable drilling speed from 25 to 100 mm/minute. The launching shafts were executed with metal sheet piles and a base slab anchored to 8 piles d. 1.000 mm.