Foundations and special underground works

1415 – 1416 – Göteborg – HAGA – Skattehuset (Sweden)

HAGA railway station in Göteborg: Execution of diaphragm walls and barrettes, consolidation works by means of jet grouting and micro-piles.

AGNHAGA AB (Temporary association of companies: Astaldi - Gulermak)

Period of Execution:
August 2019 - in progress

Works Amount:
€ 9.980.000,00


The works relate to the construction of the Haga railway station in Sweden, a project that is particularly important and complex both due to its location within the city and its position. In fact, the station will be located above a navigable canal and below a historic building, whose foundations shall be properly consolidated to prevent dangerous settlements.
The station, which will be 180-m long and 35-m wide, will be built on a complex system of diaphragms and barrettes having a depth ranging from 12 to 56 meters, which are designed to retain soil during the excavation and support the heavy decks which will constitute the intermediate levels giving access to the railway tracks, as well as the reinforced concrete bottom slab.
The challenge in this work is the different and difficult types of soil.