Microtunnelling and direct pipe

1382 – Singapore

Construction of a ND1200 & ND1600 microtunnel consisting of reinforced concrete cased pipes with hydraulic pipe joints.

Tiong Seng Civil Engineering (Private) Ltd

Period of Execution:
July 2017 - June 2018

Works Amount:
SGD 2.323.451,21


The purpose of project commissioned by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) is laying 22 kilometres of ND2200/1600 mm pipes from Murnane Service Reservoir (MNSR) to Marina South & Fort Canning Service Reservoir (FCSR), in order to increase water conveyance to the City and therefore meet the long-term water demand. The scope of work is the supply and installation of approximately 400 m of ND2200 mm, 4.000 m of ND1600 mm and 200 m of ND1200 mm steel pipes for conveying drinking water.
As Tiong Seng’s Subcontractor, I.CO.P. Construction (SG) Pte Ltd executed part of the pipeline installation works using the microtunnelling technique.