Foundations and special underground works

1400 – Lot 1 Line 16 – Paris (France)

Execution of special foundations within construction works of the "L16" underground line, as part of the "Grand Paris Express" project, Lot 1.

Société du Grand Paris

Eiffage GC

Period of Execution:
May 2018 - in progress

Works Amount:
€ 85.021.000 (I.CO.P. quote: 50%)


The purpose of works is the execution of a part of the special foundations of the new Line 16 of the Paris metro, lot 1.
The works mainly consist in:
– deep diaphragms down to about 60 m having different thicknesses (800, 1.000, 1.200 and 1.500 mm) with installation of a water-stop joint between the elements;
– injections in the TBM launch/exit shafts, injections for the construction of the tunnels connecting the shafts and the main tunnel and injections prior to the excavation of diaphragms;
– bi-fluid jet-grouting in TBM launch/exit shafts and at the entrance/exit of connection tunnels.