Microtunnelling and direct pipe

1394 – Cerro al Lambro (Milan – Italy)

Construction of an r.c. microtunnel as part of laying of the Snam Rete Gas pipeline connecting to Cerro al Lambro-Milan ND500 (20'' DP 24 bar).

Snam Rete Gas

Romana Costruzioni S.p.A.

Period of Execution:
January 2018 - May 2018

Works Amount:
€ 653.000,00


The natural gas pipeline route involves the crossing of the A1 Milan-Naples motorway and the East External Belt Road of Milan by means of a microtunnel with tubular r.c. segments.
Reinforced concrete piles having an internal diameter ID1600 for a length L= 132 m and vertical radius of curve of Rv= 800 m. Drilling works were made in fine soils and were successfully completed without any settlement of the motorway surface, where the earth cover above the microtunnel was approximately 7 m.