Maritime works

1359 – Trieste PLT (Italy)

Design, construction, maintenance and management of the Logistics Platform located between the Timber Terminal and the former Italsider plant.

Autorità Sistema Portuale Mare Adriatico Orientale - Trieste

Period of Execution:
February 2016 - November 2020

Public Funding
€ 98.834.896,25 PLT for € 30.000.000,00

Contract value
€ 113.922.678,00 (I.CO.P. percentage share (agent company): 81,00%)


The works consists in building a 12 ha maritime terminal – 8 ha of which are built over the sea, and 4 ha by reclaiming a very degenerate area -, redesigning the coastline, building the railway connection to the terminal and filling the final stretch of the Baiamonti stream.
The platform over the sea consists of a 55 cm thick, continuous post-tensioned concrete slab having a bearing capacity of 6 t/m2. The slab is made up of two parts: a mobile part supported by isolators placed on 733 piles, of which 655 have a diameter of 1.270 mm and 78 have a diameter of 1.100 mm, which are drilled in a rocky layer at a depth of about 40 m; and a fixed part with a thickness of about 1 m, resting on pre-existing caissons located at the central section and on 129 piles having a diameter of 1.600 mm at the ends, down to the rocky layer.
Below the platform, a 500.000 m3 sediment tank for collecting dredging materials coming from other marine works, has been built.
The tank perimeter is executed as a 60 cm thick plastic diaphragm wall made by CSM or secant piles, with a permeability of 10-9 m/s. The wall goes down to the clay layer at a depth of 13-24 m. On the sea side, the tank is closed by a sheet piling wall along the section delimited by the caissons, and by a combined wall at the end sections.
BIM has been used for design and execution.
Recently, the 14 ha of the timber terminal have been integrated in the project, thus creating a 25 ha terminal. PLT has invested additional € 23.000.000,00 in this project, for a total investment of € 53.000.000,00.
When the works will be completed, PLT will manage the platform for 30 years.