Microtunnelling and direct pipe

1348 – Rome – S. Giovanni T3 (Italy)

Construction of two microtunnels in the section included between the shaft 3.3 and the San Giovanni station - Section T3 of the new Line C of the metro in Rome.

Metro Rome - METRO C S.c.p.A.

Period of Execution:
November 2016 - April 2017

Works Amount:
€ 2.122.015,00


The project posed several challenges: a very huge radius of curvature; the impossibility to have an arriving shaft for the TBM (disassembling and removal of the TBM along the tunnel); the proximity to artefacts of huge historical value, and lots of co-activities, which increased the level of difficulty of the work as well. The microtunnels have a length of 138 m and 142 m respectively, internal diameter equal to 2.500 mm, and external diameter equal to 3.000 mm.