Foundations and special underground works

1343 – Darse Nord – Monaco (Principality of Monaco)

Special foundations works (diaphragms) for the new Automobile Museum and Car Parking Darse Nord in Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco), an underground multi-storey structure where the first two floors are intended for the collection of the Prince of Monaco’s vintage cars and three are open to public parking.


Period of Execution:
July 2015 - November 2016

Works Amount:
€ 12.600.000,00 (quota I.CO.P.: 50%)


Construction of a diaphragm wall (over 400 meters, average depth 25 m, width 0,8 m) and installation of 73 prefabricated pillars (max weight of 25 tons). The joint between the diaphragms was executed through by executing a top-to-bottom water-stop installed by means of suitable “abutment piles” before casting.