Foundations and special underground works

1341 – “Villa L’Engelin” – Monaco (Principality of Monaco)

Construction of the foundations (perimeter diaphragms and central walls by means of trench-cutter, as part of lot n. 1 of the "Villa l'Engelin" project, a 13-storey building with additional nine underground levels to be used as a parking area.

Alberti Sam / Alberti France SAS

Period of Execution:
May 2015 - March 2016

Works Amount:
€ 4.580.043,00


Reinforced concrete walls were built on the perimeter of the new building and the central bearing walls. The complexity of the work was due both to the reduced space available and to the need to place the slurry treatment and management plant in an extremely small area at more than 20 meters above the beam ground level. The use of full-depth formwork pipe (CWS) has made panel forming operations even more difficult.