Works at the Grand Paris Express project

Even under the impact of COVID-19 and the measures adopted by the local Government, works are still in progress on the T2B Lot, for the Line 15 South of the Greater Paris Project, where ICOP is executing special foundation works in association with Eiffage Fondations.

For the 1002P “Floquet” site, the excavation of the shaft of diameter 11 m goes deep up to 41 m below of the natural ground, 33 m below the water level, supported by a diaphragm walls curtain realized by trench cutter.

Actually, drillings are in progress using the blowout preventer and lost bit technique, in order to install umbrella tubes all around the future connection between the shaft and the metro line. The drillings positioning is achieved by a special measuring tool and drilling spoil is pumped to the surface thanks to a specific system of pipelines and pumps.

The works are executed for the JV EIFFAGE GC – RAZEL-BEC, under the supervision of Systra, final Client Société du Grand Paris.

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