Foundations and special underground works

9988 – Kennedy square – Rimini (Italy)

Executive design and construction of wastewaters storage tanks at the closure section of the Ausa basin, to safeguard bathing, including the related electromechanical works, and architectural and landscaping works at Piazzale Kennedy in Rimini.


Period of Execution:
March 2016 - May 2018

Works Amount:
€ 19.055.351,00 (I.CO.P. quote: 22,28%)


In a sandy silt soil, a reinforced concrete, waterproof diaphragm wall – thickness of 110 cm and depth of 21 m, having an approximately rectangular shape – has been built for the new water treatment plant. It was then considered necessary to build monolith walls, with a width of 250 cm and a thickness of 60 cm, excavated with a grab bucket up to a 40-meter depth.