Microtunneling and Direct Pipe

1412 – Acajutla (El Salvador)

Construction of a sea outfall microtunnel for the shore approach of the gas pipeline connecting an offshore LNG Floating Storage Regasification Unit to an onshore power plant.

Energía del Pacífico Ltda. de C.V.


Period of Execution:
October 2020 – February 2021


ICOP El Salvador performed the construction of a sea outfall microtunnel in Acajutla (El Salvador). The microtunnel was an important part of the works for the construction of a LNG-to-power project. In fact, the tunnel allows the shore approach of the natural gas pipeline connecting an offshore Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) to the onshore power plant.

ICOP El Salvador worked as a subcontractor of Boskalis who was responsible for the construction of an approx. 1.8km-long natural gas pipeline connection from the onshore power plant to an offshore FSRU including the installation of the mooring system and riser for this FSRU.

The microtunnel was approx. 553m long, starting 190m onshore of the shoreline, crossing a cliff stretching along the seashore and running underneath the surf zone area to terminate approximately 360m offshore the coastline in an exit pit prepared by Boskalis. At the end of tunnelling works, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) was recovered from the seabed by Boskalis.


Images and video:

  1. Construction of a sea outfall microtunnel
  2. Aerial view of the jobsite (courtesy of Boskalis)
  3. Pipe Jacking
  4. Separation Plant
  5. TBM floating after recovery (courtesy of Boskalis)
  6. TBM in the exit pit (courtesy of Boskalis)
  7. TBM recovered at Acajutla harbour (courtesy of Boskalis)