Foundations and special underground works

1385 – Montecarlo Ville Ouest (Principality of Monaco)

Parking de Jardin Exotique: 820- and 640-mm diaphragm walls and bars executed by means of trench cutter.


Period of Execution:
July 2017 - March 2018

Works Amount:
€ 5.025.116,00


Foundation works for the future underground car park (with 15 parking levels), to be built at the entrance of the Ville Ouest Supérieure in Monaco, near the existing Jardin Exotique.
Construction of approximately 11.000 square meters diaphragm walls (thickness 0,82 m) and bars (thickness 0,64 m).
The excavation depth varies between 66 and 46 m, since these are diaphragms located at two different levels, one approximately at the road level (+125 NGM) and one at +141/138 NGM, above the Exotic Gardens area.