The bridge over the Torre torrent between Chiopris Viscone and Nogaredo al Torre will be completed by the end of July

The new tower bridge will be completed by July; it is part of the first lot of the redevelopment of the "Palmarina", provincial road 50 (32 million euro). It will rest on 14 piers and two abutments and will be 665 meters long. It will be realized with a metallic reticular structure that will contribute to enhancing its transparency and with a reinforced concrete slab. The road platform will have a width of 10.50 meters and will be accompanied on one side by a sidewalk of 1.5 meters and on the other by a 2.85 meters wide cycle path. The overall width of the deck will be 15,80 meters. In its lower part the bridge welcomes the crossing of the new Cafc aqueduct, the optical fibers and the telephone and electrical lines. In addition to the workers of the executing company ICO.P. S.P.A., also the technicians of the commissioner delegated for the mobility emergency concerning the A4 and the Villesse-Gorizia link and the staff of the Autovie Venete concessionaire. "It is an important work from an infrastructural, but also a financial point of view, because for this first lot 32 million euros have been allocated (totally financed by the Region), of which 13.7 million only for the bridge - comments the regional councilor for infrastructures and acting subject of the commissioner delegate, Graziano Pizzimenti. The update of the works in progress is excellent, so it is plausible that after the opening of the bridge it is possible to continue with the other redevelopment works of the existing provincial road, closely connected with the work of the third lane and the new Palmanova tollgate on the A4". It is an imposing project, but above all awaited for years by the people of Chiopris Viscone and of Nogaredo al Torre. The bridge will in fact replace the current bridge over the Torre torrent - built over 40 years ago and which will be demolished at the end of the works, without interrupting the road network; it is now unsuitable to support the vehicular traffic, given the tightness of the cross section and the fact that the work itself is close to degradation.

Piero Petrucco at the top of the National Ance: the first time for a building contractor in the province of Udine

An important recognition for the Friulian building business has been attributed by the Builders National Association to engineer Piero Petrucco, CEO of the Company I.CO.P. Spa of Basiliano, thanks to his election as president of the National Council of Specializations. By virtue of thiselection, Petrucco from the association Ance Udine also assumes the right to the position of Deputy Chairman of the Ance, and effective member of the Presidential Council, as well as member of the General Council. It is the first time in the history of the Ance that such a recognition is attributed to a building contractor of the province of Udine. The Consultancy of Specializations regroups and coordinates the activities of companies that carry out specialized activities such as foundation work, complementary construction works, pre-packaged concrete productionand the application of bitumen and derivatives. This body, strengthened by the new statuteapproved last year, represents an interesting evolution in the organization of the national constructor association and was established to respond to new trends and new needs of the business world.With the election of engineer Petrucco, the Friulian entrepreneurship is therefore represented at the highest levels in the central organization of the Ance and it can contribute to the desirable relaunch of the sector for too many years afflicted by a very serious economic and financial crisis. "I am doubly satisfied - comments Piero Petrucco - because this appointment represents an important recognition to that part of the highly specialized association world, which stands out for its investments in technologies, human resources and organization. Essential features to be competitive, especially on foreign markets. Secondly, beyond my person, I believe this is also a significant recognition to our territory and its ability to express businesses industrially structured and innovative".

Recognition BAQ for the Alternation of Quality by Confindustria for the Year 2018

I.CO.P. S.P.A. has achieved the necessary score for the obtaining of the BAQ Sticker, the recognition issued by Confindustria to the associated companies that demonstrate the realization of high quality school-work Alternation courses. The companies to whom the use of the stamp is recognized will be able to use it in their relations with the outside and in institutional communications even after the conclusion of the school year in which the activities of alternation took place.


The ANDAF (National Association of Administrative and Financial Directors) and the Accuracy Society, in collaboration with Borsa Italiana and Elite, have established the CFO Award: the first recognition in Italy to the Administrative and / or Financial Directors who have distinguished themselves for their quality, intuition, professionalism and team spirit. It is open to all those "who perform duties of particular responsibility in the administration, finance, management control, planning and internal auditing of Italian companies [...]" and that meet the requirements of independence, honesty and transparency. For this prestigious award I.CO.P. has nominated his own CFO group, Mr. Paolo COPETTI. The award refers only to the activity carried out in the year preceding the application, but I.CO.P. in this case wanted to underline the gratitude for the 10 years of intense work and for the remarkable results achieved in the long term. We are very proud to announce that Mr. COPETTI was among the 3 FINALISTS of the category (Elite company category). Our warmest congratulations for the result achieved!  

DIRECT PIPE drilling in tough ground condition

On Monday 15th October, I.CO.P. has successfully completed the Adda river crossing in Vaprio D'Adda with the DIRECT PIPE technique. An AVN1200T drilling machine with a HKPT pipe thruster 750ton was able to go through 410m of inhomogeneous and hard ground conditions below River Adda. Sand, gravel, cobbles, boulders and conglomerate were drilled without interruption by I.CO.P.’s team from the beginning to the end. Installed casing pipe is a 56’’ steel pipe planned within the Snam project related to Vaprio D'Adda pipeline expansion.  

I.CO.P. S.p.A. @GEOFLUID 2018

From 3 to 6 October 2018 the GEOFLUID event took place in Piacenza: a traditional appointment for operators in the drilling sector and special foundations. On this occasion I.CO.P. S.p.A. was invited to participate actively in the context of the conference organized by IATT (Italian Association for Trenchless Technologies) in collaboration with the Order of Engineers of the province of Piacenza, on this theme: "TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGIES: DESIGN, REALIZATION AND MAINTENANCE OF GAS NETWORKS IN THE OPTICS OF ECONOMICITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY ". I.CO.P. has proposed a presentation entitled "THE EVOLUTION OF SPECIES" with which it illustrated the DIRECT PIPE technology that is part of its know-how; I.CO.P. is a world leader in its use. In particular, the origins of the system have been highlighted: it is a synthesis of HDD and Microtunnelling technologies. Furthermore the development characteristics of the new DIRECT PIPE technology compared to the existing ones have been identified. Then 9 work experiences have been presented: achieved in the years 2017 and 2018 using the DIRECT PIPE system, they include a total of 3,950 m of line piping successfully installed in Lot 1 of the Cervignano d'Adda - Mortara pipeline (DN 1400 75bar).

I.CO.P. entered the Elite

Elite, the London Stock Exchange Group international program dedicated to the most ambitious companies, welcomes 17 new Italian companies, including I.CO.P., bringing to 925 the total number of companies from 32 countries representing 34 sectors. The new Italian companies admitted to the program are the result of the collaboration between Elite and Bnl Group Bnp Paribas through the well-established model of the Lounges. The aim is to create a dedicated environment that puts the bank's customer at the center of a network of opportunities, skills and value. The new companies are representative of different sectors, from chemistry to food, from industrial engineering to the world of media. The 17 companies come from 11 different Italian regions, with an aggregate turnover of 900 million euros and a total of 2,500 employees.

Conference on trenchless technologies – 4 october 2018

On October 4, 2018 the Order of Engineers of the Province of Piacenza in collaboration with the IATT (Italian Association for Trenchless Technology) organizes the Convention TECHNOLOGIE TRENCHLESS within the Geofluid event: DESIGN, REALIZATION AND MAINTENANCE OF GAS NETWORKS WITH A VIEW OF ECONOMICITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY "at Piacenza Expò - Room B from 9.30 all the morning. On this occasion there will be an intervention by Engineers Antonio Guerini and Enzo Rizzi entitled" Direct Pipe: the evolution of the species”. The participation in the conference is free, upon registration given the limited number of seats, and it has obtained the recognition of 3CFP by the Order of Engineers.

La Vetrina dell’Ingegno

La Vetrina dell'Ingegno is the title of the school-work alternation project that involved 15 girls and boys from the Social Economic High School "C. Percoto "of Udine. The students, led by the experts of the "Varianti" Cooperative of Udine, have carried out a social historical research at two centenary Friulian companies: the Taverna and the Tonon company. The multimedia documentation produced was presented to the public in a small exhibition, hosted by the Aipem company in Udine at the end of June. Here is the video that presents the company Taverna, a tangible proof of the results obtained from the interaction of students with the world of work and with the entrepreneurial tradition of our region.

I.CO.P. has been selected by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) for cooperation in South Sudan

I.CO.P. S.p.A. has earned the second score overall (97/100) in the first call issued by AICS for interventions by institutions and companies that dedicate part of their business to the non-profit. The project promoted by AICS is called "Social Business for South Sudan: Support for entrepreneurship in South Sudan, from humanitarian emergency to human and social development” and its amount is 400 thousand euros: 250 thousand will be financed by I.CO.P. and the remaining share by AICS. The participation in the tender allowed the company to continue its commitment to the African country, where it had already landed back in 2006, taking root even more in the role of company promoting a sustainable global economic force, respectful of human and labor rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.