Microtunnelling and direct pipe

9985 – Salars (Udine – Italy)

Works for the landslide consolidation in Salars in the Municipality of Ravascletto (UD) - 1° intervention.

Municipality of Ravascletto (UD)

Period of Execution:
March 2015 - October 2016

Works Amount:
€ 3.923.282,00 (quota I.CO.P.: 83,27%)


Consolidation of a large, 20-30-meter-deep landslide (about 1.700.000 m3) acting on a complex system of overlapping aquifers, by means of a drainage system installed along two microtunnels. The use of drainage tunnels is an innovative technique that allows a low environmental impact, minimizes the risk of landslides and gives the opportunity to regulate the flow of drains (by a valve) and eventually add new integrations.