Microtunneling and Direct Pipe

1460 – Trebisacce

Construction of No. 2 crossings through Microtunnel named "Schiavi" and "Pagliaro" located respectively at the communal territory of Albidona and Trebisacce in the province of Cosenza.

Snam Rete Gas S.P.A.

Period of Execution:
July 2022 - June 2023

Works Amount:
5.000.000,00 €


In the two construction sites in question, located relatively in Calabria in the province of Cosenza, the Micro-tunneling technique was used, i.e., that technique which consists of advancing rigid pipes (vibrated reinforced concrete segments) by means of a thrust that occurs through 4 hydraulic pistons.
The thrust in the two cases in question, was controlled for the entire duration of the drilling by an operator, who inside a control cabin container managed the full-section excavation phases. Both drillings, in a different time frame from each other, were performed by a Tunnel Boring machine (TBM) from the point of thrust (push shaft) to the point of exit (arrival shaft).

In the first microtunnel named “Pagliaro,” the site area was located in the industrial zone in the town of Trebisacce, and the profile of the work was characterized by a linear development of about 590 mt, which with a coverage from the ground level to the axis of the tunnel ranged from a minimum of 7.50mt to a maximum of 64.50mt, which crossed a landslide body.


In the second case, on the other hand, the “Schiavi” microtunnel was located in a mostly hilly area accessible from Località Piana della Torre in the municipality of Albidona. The construction site had a view of the Golfo di Taranto, and again, with a profile of the work characterized by a linear development of about 360 meters, it crossed a hilly hump.