Microtunnelling and direct pipe

1255 – Cologne (Germany)

Double crossing of the Rhine river using the microtunnelling technique, and trench laying of a 1,5 km pipeline to connect two Shell refineries. Four different product tubes were used inside the same casing pipe.

SHELL Deutschland Oil GmbH

Period of Execution:
July 2011 - November 2013

Works Amount:
€ 22.004.556,00


Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH planned the construction of an underground pipeline to connect the two Shell refineries in Wesseling and Cologne. The pipeline is about 3,8 km and crosses the Rhine twice. The aim was to avoid to install the pipeline in a densely populated area. Both crossings, with a length of 1.191 m and 1.299 m respectively, were executed with the microtunnelling technique. The drilling was executed with reinforced concrete pipes ND2000.