The F.lli Costantini and Ing. Petrucco Company was established in 1920. It was based in Cividale, operating in the construction sector, composed of Alvise Petrucco and brothers Giovanni and Cesare Costantini.

In 1947 the company became Eng. Alvise Petrucco and Alvise’s three sons, dr. Giovanni and the engineers Antonio and Paolo, joined the company.

Since 1961 one of the sons, Paolo, started carrying on his activity also with the Eng. Paolo Petrucco company, which in 1965 became I.CO.P. S.a.s., a contractor mainly devoted to special foundation works and to the project and construction of reinforced and precast reinforced concrete structures. The most significant examples are the bridge on the river Tagliamento in Ronchis and the continuous back plate bridge on the river Meduna as part of the works for the construction of the A28 highway.

In 1977 and in 1980 the eng. Vittorio and eng. Piero, Mr. Paolo Petrucco’s sons, joined the I.CO.P. (which will become a stock company in 1987) and respectively in 1984 and 1988 started their managing activity.

In 1991 I.CO.P. introduced in Italy the microtunnel technology and since then the company keeps developing new patented system for the construction of road and railway underpasses.