The Roboclimber is a climbing robot that allows consolidation interventions to prevent landslides. The construction, coordinated by I.CO.P., is a  CRAFT project financed by the European Community.

Recent testings in Italy has shown that the Roboclimber can reinforce slopes without endangering human lives.

With its 3.800 kg, 4 support legs and a square base measuring 2 mt per 2,5 mt, the Roboclimber is one of the biggest robots in the world. Nevertheless it is extremely agile and easy to control. The control system installed on the Roboclimber includes algorithms based on the most advanced control methods.

Roboclimber can drill holes 76 mm large and about 20 mt long, in any kind of rock, irrespective of the slope.  An innovative rod compartment and a robotic manipulator allow automatic insertion and removal of the rods.