The rapid growth of the transport and communication systems has caused a growing demand for tunnelling equipment able to operate in increasingly difficult conditions: the improvement of the shielded cutter heads technology from large- to small-size diameters has led to the creation and development of the microtunnelling method.

The rapid development of this technology is due to two main reasons. The first factor was the massive spread of technological services in the cities, that has transformed the urban underground in an untouchable network of pipes, ducts and cables. The second one was the civil engineering application of advanced processes of miniaturization and laser guidance.

In Italy the microtunnelling technique was introduced at the beginning of the 90s: I.CO.P. gained the best results and today is a leader in the domestic market. Microtunnelling allows to install underground pipelines continuously and automatically without open trenches and without employing manpower inside the tunnel.

I.CO.P. owns several complete excavation equipment, able to realize underground crossings of the external diameter of between 1,000 and 3,000 millimeters.
This technical equipment sets us in the top five European competitors in microtunnelling.