The new bridge over the Torre torrent will be completed by July; it is part of the first lot of the redevelopment of the “Palmarina”, provincial road 50 (32 million euro). It will rest on 14 piers and two abutments and will be 665 meters long. It will be realized with a metallic reticular structure that will contribute to enhancing its transparency and with a reinforced concrete slab. The road platform will have a width of 10.50 meters and will be accompanied on one side by a sidewalk of 1.5 meters and on the other by a 2.85 meters wide cycle path. The overall width of the deck will be 15,80 meters. In its lower part the bridge welcomes the crossing of the new Cafc aqueduct, the optical fibers and the telephone and electrical lines. In addition to the workers of the executing company ICO.P. S.P.A., also the technicians of the commissioner delegated for the mobility emergency concerning the A4 and the Villesse-Gorizia link and the staff of the Autovie Venete concessionaire. “It is an important work from an infrastructural, but also a financial point of view, because for this first lot 32 million euros have been allocated (totally financed by the Region), of which 13.7 million only for the bridge – comments the regional councilor for infrastructures and acting subject of the commissioner delegate, Graziano Pizzimenti. The update of the works in progress is excellent, so it is plausible that after the opening of the bridge it is possible to continue with the other redevelopment works of the existing provincial road, closely connected with the work of the third lane and the new Palmanova tollgate on the A4”. It is an imposing project, but above all awaited for years by the people of Chiopris Viscone and of Nogaredo al Torre. The bridge will in fact replace the current bridge over the Torre torrent – built over 40 years ago and which will be demolished at the end of the works, without interrupting the road network; it is now unsuitable to support the vehicular traffic, given the tightness of the cross section and the fact that the work itself is close to degradation.