After the earthquake in the Abruzzo region in April 2009, in May 2009. I.CO.P. S.p.A., the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (a no-profit organization and consulting centre of the Italian Civil Protection Department) and the company Damiani Costruzioni S.r.l. created the Forcase Consortium.
The no-profit consortium had the aim to coordinate the construction of the houses for earthquake victims.

After the decree law passed by the Council of Ministers on the 23rd of April 2009, the consortium presented the C.A.S.E. Project: anti-seismic sustainable and eco-friendly complexes. The aim of the project was the construction of homes for 18.000 people within February 2010, of which 3.000 were ready already by the end of September 2009. In less than a year since the earthquake, 184 buildings have been built instead of the 150 planned initially.

The architectural project of the anti-seismic plate unit has included different types of housings, according to the composition of family units. At the end of the project 109 different kind of flats were designed. The houses have qualitative features comparable with the definitive building and the level of seismic safety of the house is very high, with performances that includes only minor damages in case of strong seismic event (with a period of return of 1.000 years).