Over the years, the cooperation between the company and many other organizations has led to the development of special projects that, even if they are not part of the core business of the company, have been undertaken with great committment and passion.

Particularly in 2006 I.CO.P, together with the Italian Civil Protection Department, installed a Bailey one-lane bridge over the Payee River in Sud Sudan, a country coming out hardly of a long period of wars, which only recently saw the first free elections after 23 years. The  Sudin Onlus Association was born from this experience (I.CO.P. has been one of the founding members). Thanks to this Association, the first vocational training centre in the region was created.

Moreover, in 2009, after the earthquake in the Abruzzo region, the Company established the Forcase no-profit consortium together with the Eucentre Foundation of Pavia and the company Damiani Costruzioni. This consortium realized the C.A.S.E. project (temporary housing for earthquake victims). In this occasion the Company could present all its experience gained in the field of foundation and in business management.