Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.)

  • What it is about?

For several years now, the construction sector has witnessed a new affirmation universally recognized with lot of benefits for all members involved: the client, the designer, the contractor; it is the Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.). By involving the entire project life cycle, from conception to execution, maintenance, until the demolition, it represents a multidisciplinary enclosure where all parties involved converge and are integrated. If in Italy this approach takes a long time to succeed, in Europe it has already become a requirement for most public contracts.

Modello 3D BIM di Napoli Poggioreale

3D B.I.M. Model of Naples Poggioreale

  • What are the tools developed and tested by I.CO.P?

I.CO.P. is one of the first companies in Italy to have invested in the development of this system, advancing and testing innovative management solutions about quality, time, costs and computing. Primarily through training courses and through the purchase of a 3D B.I.M. modeling software, which allows to obtain and manage autonomously the 3D display, the bill of quantities, the construction drawings and all other necessary elements. In addition to the model, developed by our technical department, also a new web platform has been implemented and tested. This is able to create a database by inputs coming directly from the site – the as built – . The system has been tested for the first time in our construction site of the Poggioreale Metro Station 1 in Naples.

  • How does it work?

The construction engineer, by compiling daily execution reports (quality modules), already required and outlined in I.CO.P. Quality System and requested by the client, provides the input needed by the process: what has been done in the yard, when, with what modalities and features. Through the detection of these simple data, a series of tables and graphs of production, consumption of materials, progress reports and forecasts are generated automatically. The system is also able to update the 3D parametric model B.I.M., allowing you to compare your project with the built, deducing the quantity and updating the timelines and calculations.

Costruito (rosso) vs. progettato (grigio)

As built (red) vs. designed (grey)

  • What are the benefits?

It is now known that the B.I.M., applied starting from the conception of the work, leads to huge financial savings in the construction, optimizing resources and timing, minimizing interference and managing excellently variations during the construction because it allows you to share in real-time information and data from the site. It acts as an intermediary between the designed and the as built (in terms of time, costs, technical execution and quality/safety).

  • What are the future developments?.

The application of the tool systematically will enable a total control of the working phases of all the jobsites, allowing a better planning of the resources management, the purchase of materials and the personnel management. In addition, the quality system – extremely enhanced – can be shared with the client who will thus have a direct relationship with the company. The use of B.I.M., starting from the design phase, will also break down the final costs and allow you to build a complete 3D model of all the data for each individual dowel, integrated and organized in a single container.