The Representatives of the National Associations, at the today meeting, May 22, 2020 in the General Assembly, the first by videoconference, elected the FIEC Management Committee which will be led by President Thomas Bauer for the 2020-2022 period.

Vice-President Petrucco was unanimously confirmed as Vice-President of FIEC and received from President Bauer the mandate for sustainability and competitiveness of the construction sector.

During the Assembly, which was also an important moment of exchange on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on buildings, Vice-President Petrucco illustrated the situation in the sector in Italy:

85% of construction sites have been closed for almost two months and since mid-May 75% of construction sites have been reopened.

Important issues include liquidity for businesses and the need to speed up payments, reduced productivity and the extra costs associated with security measures for COVID-19, the difficulties of movement of people and workers at European level.

We are awaiting relaunch measures for public works while some first measures have been taken for the residential sector (tax deductions up to 110%).

For the Ance, the Recovery Fund is a priority: future national measures will be based on this.