An important recognition for the Friulian building business has been attributed by the Builders National Association to engineer Piero Petrucco, CEO of the Company I.CO.P. Spa of Basiliano, thanks to his election as president of the National Council of Specializations. By virtue of thiselection, Petrucco from the association Ance Udine also assumes the right to the position of Deputy Chairman of the Ance, and effective member of the Presidential Council, as well as member of the General Council. It is the first time in the history of the Ance that such a recognition is attributed to a building contractor of the province of Udine.

The Consultancy of Specializations regroups and coordinates the activities of companies that carry out specialized activities such as foundation work, complementary construction works, pre-packaged concrete productionand the application of bitumen and derivatives. This body, strengthened by the new statuteapproved last year, represents an interesting evolution in the organization of the national constructor association and was established to respond to new trends and new needs of the business world.With the election of engineer Petrucco, the Friulian entrepreneurship is therefore represented at the highest levels in the central organization of the Ance and it can contribute to the desirable relaunch of the sector for too many years afflicted by a very serious economic and financial crisis.

“I am doubly satisfied – comments Piero Petrucco – because this appointment represents an important recognition to that part of the highly specialized association world, which stands out for its investments in technologies, human resources and organization. Essential features to be competitive, especially on foreign markets. Secondly, beyond my person, I believe this is also a significant recognition to our territory and its ability to express businesses industrially structured and innovative”.