The joint owner of I.CO.P. Piero Petrucco, since last November also vice-president of the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) with the powers of competitiveness and sustainability, illustrates the different ways in which the world of construction can adopt a sustainable approach; convinced that the Green Deal wanted by the President of the European Commission can help not only the environment but also the growth of the building sector. A first aspect is that of energy requalification, which can lead to great results in the reduction of CO2 emissions. A second aspect is linked to the way of building and the machinery that is used: to be competitive and to attract international investors towards the financing of large construction works, it is necessary to have a sustainable approach. A final aspect considers the reuse and recycling of building materials. The great problem of land consumption must also be addressed: the reuse of abandoned areas for new constructions should be encouraged as much as possible, aiming to demolish buildings without historical-architectural value, to reclaim the area and replace them with urban parks, woods or meadows that return space to nature with a positive impact both on the environment and on soil consumption.