The owner of I.CO.P. S.P.A. illustrates why the announcement of the investments is not able to lead to their concrete realization and as a result the public works remain only virtual. First of all, he indicates the heavy Italian bureaucracy among the causes for this paralysis, claiming that the service conferences in Italy are a hostage for small companies. Secondly, he cites the current formulation of the crime of office abuse in public procurement: the reason why all the sole referents of the proceedings, fearing to receive a complaint, leave the projects unrealised. The regional administration could intervene by making some guidelines compulsory – with their transformation into effective laws – or at least by subordinating the provision of regional contributions to their adoption which, through qualification criteria, allows contracting stations to provide more opportunities to local businesses. As national vice-president of Ance Petrucco asks the new government for a reform of the crime of office abuse as well as the unification of the contracting entities in order to « release the brakes » mentioned above. The I.CO.P. of Basiliano, which in 2020 will celebrate its centenary, The different cultural approach adopted by the Petrucco family is responsibile for the company’s continuous growth, which has chosen to specialize in foundations and microtunnel works to present itself on the international market: a key that has allowed it to face the prolonged stagnation of the Italian construction market. Furthermore, by focusing on non-emerging but mature and consolidated markets (such as the French one), the business has demonstrated its greater flexibility and productivity compared with its competitors.

About future prospects, taking into account the strategic role of Trieste where I.CO.P. is engaged in project financing for the construction of the port logistics platform, Petrucco intends to exploit this logistics system according to the Friulian industrial system, in order to avoid a marginal role although being at the center of the traffics and to focus on rapid choices that rethink strategic tools such as the fair, the technology park and industrial consortia.

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