From 3 to 6 October 2018 the GEOFLUID event took place in Piacenza: a traditional appointment for operators in the drilling sector and special foundations. On this occasion I.CO.P. S.p.A. was invited to participate actively in the context of the conference organized by IATT (Italian Association for Trenchless Technologies) in collaboration with the Order of Engineers of the province of Piacenza, on this theme: “TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGIES: DESIGN, REALIZATION AND MAINTENANCE OF GAS NETWORKS IN THE OPTICS OF ECONOMICITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY “. I.CO.P. has proposed a presentation entitled “THE EVOLUTION OF SPECIES” with which it illustrated the DIRECT PIPE technology that is part of its know-how; I.CO.P. is a world leader in its use. In particular, the origins of the system have been highlighted: it is a synthesis of HDD and Microtunnelling technologies. Furthermore the development characteristics of the new DIRECT PIPE technology compared to the existing ones have been identified. Then 9 work experiences have been presented: achieved in the years 2017 and 2018 using the DIRECT PIPE system, they include a total of 3,950 m of line piping successfully installed in Lot 1 of the Cervignano d’Adda – Mortara pipeline (DN 1400 75bar).