Last December 2019 at the I.CO.P. headquarters in Basiliano many entrepreneurs and institutions participated in the company’s centenary celebration. The prestigious goal was honored by the participation of numerous representatives of the industrial and non-industrial world, such as the president of Confindustria Anna Mareschi Danieli, the deputy Debora Serracchiani, the regional councilors Sergio Bolzonello and Francesco Russo, mayors and administrators, as well as the national president of the ANCE Gabriele Buia and the ex rector of the University of Udine Alberto Felice De Toni. On stage, the protagonists of the I.CO.P. appealed: from the engineer Paolo Petrucco (89 years) with his wife Lina, to their children Piero and Vittorio. Today I.CO.P., which has resisted the construction crisis, is a giant that bills 130 million euros and has almost 400 employees. There are also numerous construction sites that have seen I.CO.P. employees active all over the world: from Europe to Africa, to America, to South East Asia. Piero and Vittorio also proved pleased and enthusiastic about the future, leveraging the characteristics that have always distinguished the company: familiarity, cohesion and maximum technical attention to the work. In the future they would like to consolidate what they are already doing and continue to work in the Region and in Italy, as well as in the main European countries such as France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Responding to the keywords of innovation, digitalization and investments.