In order to guarantee to the clients a constant commitment on reliability and responsibility, since 1996 I.CO.P. has certified its Quality System by the international norm ISO 9001. It has been one of the first Italian contractors to reach such an aim.

Furthermore, the environmental issues and a sustainable development, more and more considerable in the latest years, have led the Company to refer to the norm ISO 14001 as international standard for the certification of its quality system, in compliance with the environmental aspects of its activities, taking into account environmental protection, prevention from pollution and socio-economic needs.

Two previous certificates are followed by a considerable third: the consciousness of the great importance of the issues related to health and safety in working areas led I.CO.P. S.p.A to clearly demonstrate its commitment, obtaining the certificate according to the international norm OHSAS 18001 through a careful risk management and preventive and protective measures.

Recently, to complete the certification process, the company has certificated its managing system according to the terms of the SA 8000 norm related to the social responsibility. The aim is to promote profitable cooperation among the personnel and beneficial relationships for the company, respecting human and workers’ rights.

The company consider the achievement of 4 certifications as a starting point and a challenge to constantly improve the managing systems and the working methods, in order to continue cooperating and involving all the members of the organization.

I.CO.P., through its branch, has obtained two important certifications also in France: the Carte Professionnelle de l’Entrepreneur de Travaux Publics and the SNCF Certification. These documents certify the company’s expertise in compliance with its social, administrative and legal obligations in the Country in which it operates. They reflect the I.CO.P. savoir-faire, based on the experience gained in the jobsites construction and they provide an overview of its ability to operate in a workmanlike manner.