The ANDAF (National Association of Administrative and Financial Directors) and the Accuracy Society, in collaboration with Borsa Italiana and Elite, have established the CFO Award: the first recognition in Italy to the Administrative and / or Financial Directors who have distinguished themselves for their quality, intuition, professionalism and team spirit. It is open to all those “who perform duties of particular responsibility in the administration, finance, management control, planning and internal auditing of Italian companies […]” and that meet the requirements of independence, honesty and transparency.

For this prestigious award I.CO.P. has nominated his own CFO group, Mr. Paolo COPETTI. The award refers only to the activity carried out in the year preceding the application, but I.CO.P. in this case wanted to underline the gratitude for the 10 years of intense work and for the remarkable results achieved in the long term.

We are very proud to announce that Mr. COPETTI was among the 3 FINALISTS of the category (Elite company category).

Our warmest congratulations for the result achieved!