La Vetrina dell’Ingegno

La Vetrina dell'Ingegno is the title of the school-work alternation project that involved 15 girls and boys from the Social Economic High School "C. Percoto "of Udine. The students, led by the experts of the "Varianti" Cooperative of Udine, have carried out a social historical research at two centenary Friulian companies: the Taverna and the Tonon company. The multimedia documentation produced was presented to the public in a small exhibition, hosted by the Aipem company in Udine at the end of June. Here is the video that presents the company Taverna, a tangible proof of the results obtained from the interaction of students with the world of work and with the entrepreneurial tradition of our region.

I.CO.P. has been selected by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) for cooperation in South Sudan

I.CO.P. S.p.A. has earned the second score overall (97/100) in the first call issued by AICS for interventions by institutions and companies that dedicate part of their business to the non-profit. The project promoted by AICS is called "Social Business for South Sudan: Support for entrepreneurship in South Sudan, from humanitarian emergency to human and social development” and its amount is 400 thousand euros: 250 thousand will be financed by I.CO.P. and the remaining share by AICS. The participation in the tender allowed the company to continue its commitment to the African country, where it had already landed back in 2006, taking root even more in the role of company promoting a sustainable global economic force, respectful of human and labor rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.


The first edition of the Private Debt Award has decreed I.CO.P. S.P.A. among the winners in the development category last 23rd of May. The Award intent was to enhance the best investments in Italian SMEs debt transactions carried out between January the 1st, 2013 and July the 31, 2017. These were characterized by the following categories: development (growth projects through the entry into new segments, geographic areas or new products and/or technologies) and leverage buyout/extraordinary transactions (growth projects through acquisitions, also together with private equity, providing the debt necessary for the lbo operation or structuring the transaction directly with the entrepreneur). The aim of the Award was to highlight the relationship between investor and entrepreneur, which is decisive for the company's success and for the fund. The Award also wanted to make the tool and the private debt activities known as the promoter of the development of Italian companies, highlighting their impact on the business system. To judge the nominations, professionals belonging to the economic, entrepreneurial and academic world were called: Innocenzo Cipolletta (AIFI President), Luigi Abete (FeBAF President), Guido Corbetta (ordinary in the Management and Technology Department, Bocconi), Andrea Giovanelli (Deloitte Head of Debt Advisory), Giancarlo Giudici (associate professor of Corporate Finance, Milan Polytechnic), Sergio Luciano (director, Economy), Giovanni Maggi (Assofondipensione president), Antonella Mansi (Confindustria vice president), Luca Manzoni (corporate banking manager, Banco BPM), Christian Martino (Editor-in-Chief Plus 24, Il Sole 24 Ore), Federico Visconti (Rector of the Carlo Cattaneo University - LIUC).

Adriano Miol was awarded the Star of merit for Labor

The award the "Star of merit for Labor" has been given to twenty-two new Masters of Labor in Friuli Venezia Giulia last May the first at the prefecture of Trieste during the traditional ceremony. Adriano Miol of I.CO.P. S.P.A. was awarded the title of "Master of Work" because he is particularly distinguished for his singular merits of skill, hard work and good moral conduct. Among the other motivations of the nominees there are inventions and innovations in the technical and production field that have improved the efficiency of tools, machines and processing methods; the original contributions to the improvement of work safety measures; the preparation of new generations for professional activity.

“Grand Paris Express”: the local, national and online press unanimously proclaims the award of the 250 million euro contract for I.CO.P.

As already mentioned, Il Sole 24 Ore together with the local press Il Piccolo, Il Messaggero Veneto and Il Gazzettino, as well as the online publications Il Piccolo Web, Il, Il and the Italian network unanimously announce I.CO.P.’s award of the contract for the foundation works of the new metro line in Paris. The work value amounts to € 250 million. The project involves the construction of 4 underground stations, almost 20 km of the subway line, as well as ancillary works. The relevance of the news is global, given the magnitude of the “Grand Paris Express”: the world’s largest infrastructure project currently underway, which involves the construction of over 200 km of metro networks in Paris and in the Ile-de –France area. The group of companies that has been awarded the contract is captained by the French giant Eiffage, with which I.CO.P. has been collaborating for several years. This important acquisition allows I.CO.P. to pursue its own development and growth plan abroad, with the aim of being listed among the main operators in the sector of special foundations with a high technological content at European level. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] The cutter enters the station built by I.CO.P. S.P.A.[/caption]

I.CO.P. will participate in the construction the Grand Paris Express Project line 16

I.CO.P. will participate in the execution of the Grand Paris Express Project line 16 lot 1 as subcontractor of Eiffage Genie Civil. The overall contract of € 1.84 billion (€ 1.71 billion for Eiffage) include crossings for more than 19 km of tunnels, the construction of 18 annexed works, the laying of tracks, catenaries, linear installations and the creation of five stations: the French Stadium, La Courneuve Six Routes, Le Bourget RER, Le Blanc-Mesnil and Saint-Denis Pleyel which will be the largest station of Grand Paris Express (250,000 passengers per day). The works include three months of preparation and they will be carried out over six years.

This is how the social housing works!

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, the communication that the Social Housing Fund Fvg will invest 80 million euros in the construction of 720 homes in the region was published on the Messaggero Veneto di Udine. The operation was promoted by the Social Housing Consortium Fvg established, among others, by I.CO.P. S.P.A. as well as by the was published Vicini di Casa was published. Precisely the Consortium has created the Social Housing Fund, which places housing at a moderate price on the market: rental payments are reduced by 15-20% compared to the market ones. Moreover, after 5 years or more, the houses can be redeemed.

The CSR and social innovation Exhibition

The third stage of "The sustainability routes" of the CSR Giro d'Italia - 2018 edition - took place on Wednesday 14th of February at Palazzo Antonini in Udine and it was organized in collaboration with Animaimpresa ant the University of Udine. Alberto Felice De Toni, Rector of the University, introduced the event emphasizing the need for innovation and sustainability and recalling the commitment of the university that also adheres to the RUS network (Sustainable University Network). On this occasion Piero Petrucco, I.CO.P.'s Vice President, told about the cooperation project carried out in South Sudan: an initiative characterized by innovation, multi-stakeholder dimension and relevance of results, as evidenced by this videonews produced by the national press agency Askanews following his speech at the Event: Watch the videonews

Attribution of the highest legality rating

I.CO.P. S.P.A. has just received from the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM) the communication that it has been awarded three "stars", the maximum legal rating attributable. The rating is an instrument that the Ministry of Economic Development has made available to companies to promote the principles of ethical behavior in the business environment. It is a recognition that is at the same time an index of respect for principles of legality and careful management of the business within the companies that request it. To this day, there are 4734 companies on the AGCM list; only 260 of these has been awarded the highest score with the three "stars". Three of these, including I.CO.P. S.P.A., are based in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The achievement of this goal is a source of great satisfaction in recognition of the importance of the growing awareness of how much legality and social responsibility are an added value for companies and more generally for civil society.  


On the 5th December 2017 in Rome, ICOP received the IATT AWARDS 2017 in the "Research & Developement Award" section. On the occasion of the event "INCONTRIAMOCI" organized in Rome by IATT last 5th December, ICOP has been rewarded with the following motivation: "To have confirmed its leadership in the microtunneling department, contributing to the realization of the "Roma Metropolitane - Metro C Project" in full respect for an area of very high archeological value". Attached a copy of the certificate and on the first page the moment of the prize-giving to the Engineer Enzo Rizzi.