FDP (Full Displacement Piles) are installed by turning and pushing into the ground a special tool that causes the progressive lateral displacement of the ground, instead of its the excavation and removal.

The FDP method has multiple advantages:
– installation without vibrations in the soil or in the surrounding areas/buildings;

– production of little or no waste to be removed. This is particularly convenient in contaminated areas or when the landfills are distant from the working site;

– thay are dry drilling installation and there is no need of bentonite or reinforcing cages to sustain the boreholes;

– compacting the soil around the pole shaft improves the geotechnical characteristics, giving greater bearing capacity to the piles. In this way, piles can be shortened;

– the penetration and extraction of the tool from the soil are individual maneuvers. This gives the possibility to carry out the two maneuvers in automatic mode. The speed of rotation parameters, penetration and extraction are preset in the on-board computer. There are high productivity of installation, low installation costs and controls in real time of the quality of the piles.